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AS B-248 Welding Electrode (5.00X450MM)

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Standard Classification

  • AWS A5.1 : E7018

  • EN ISO 2560-A :E42 3 B 42 H10

  • Diameter

  • 5.00X450MM


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    AS B-248 is a basic coated electrode. It is used particularly to weld rigidly restrained mass structures where high welding stresses are unavoidable. Weld metal has a high resistance to cracking. The slag is easy to remove and it gives excellent quality, smooth weld beads. It is also suitable for welding in vertical upwards position at a high welding speed. It has 125% metal recovery.

    AS B-248 H5 is suitable for steel constructions and machines operating under dynamic forces. Ship building, boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing and pipe connections are among its application areas. It is recommended for the welding of high carbon, high strength low alloyed steels having high (P) and (S) content; high strength ship's plate of A-, D- and E- quality and vessel plates of 17 Mn 4 and 19 Mn 5 type. AS B-248 H5 can join steel parts to steel casts and can be used in welding of thick parts. It is suitable for the root pass and welding in difficult positions. It gives excellent weld beads with high impact strength values at subzero temperatures. It is also very suitable for welding of GALVANIZED plates.


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